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Beyond the Likes: How “Instagrammable” Spaces Can Drive Real Business Growth

In today’s visually driven world, the concept of “Instagrammable” spaces has exploded in popularity. From restaurants adorned with neon signs to stores featuring immersive Interior features, businesses are increasingly prioritizing aesthetics to capture attention and stand out online. But is the allure of the “like” the only benefit these spaces offer? How do Instagrammable spaces actually contribute to the success of business owners?

In this article, we’ll show you how some clever businesses are using eye-catching design to attract customers, keep their loyalty coming back, and ultimately make more money. So, buckle up and get ready to discover some seriously cool (and successful!) spaces that are taking Instagram by storm!

1. PS. Cafe

This popular cafe chain is known for its elegant and sophisticated interiors, featuring luxurious elements like plush seating, marble tables, and beautiful floral arrangements that create a unique and desirable ambiance. Their photogenic food presentations, such as colorful pancakes and floral lattes, further enhance the “Instagrammable” appeal, attracting customers eager to capture and share their experience on social media platforms.

This visually appealing atmosphere has contributed to the café’s significant growth and popularity since its establishment in 2005, leading to the expansion of multiple outlets across Singapore. This sustained success suggests they’re doing something right, and the visually appealing atmosphere could be a contributing factor.

The aesthetic allure of PS Cafe aligns with the trend of “Instagrammable” spaces, fostering increased customer engagement and potentially attracting new patrons seeking a similar experience.

Studies like this article “RETAIL + ID = ROI”, the connection between visually appealing spaces and increased customer engagement could translate to higher customer spending and potentially more frequent visits at PS Café.


2. Tai Ping Koon, Hong Kong

A traditional Hong Kong restaurant has been around for over 130 years, recently undergone a renovation that seamlessly introduced modern elements while preserving its classic charm. This unique blend of old and new has made it a popular spot for both locals and tourists, while its vibrant decor has created a hit on social media.


3. Cafe Kitsune, Seoul, South Korea


Well-known for its iconic fox logo and minimalist yet vibrant aesthetic, features a clean and modern design with pops of color. The cafe offers a variety of photogenic beverages and pastries, making it a popular destination for social media enthusiasts.



4. Potato Head, Jakarta, Indonesia


A restaurant chain famous for its unique design elements incorporating potato-themed furniture and playful details. Each outlet brings a slightly different ambiance, maintaining a visually engaging and “Instagrammable” aesthetic that attracts customers.





This romantic dining restaurant boasts a charming Pinky and Woody style, with rose gold metal as a shining enhancement, mixture of concrete cement and wood making the space look affordable yet high-end dating spot. The brick wallpaper created a sense of warmth and coziness enhancing with love-related phrases and quotes, plush seating, and the unique railing designs contribute to a memorable dining. All these materials and designs created an urban and contemporary look that is both trendy and timeless.

OPPA restaurant offers more than just great food –Restaurant’s visually appealing décor encourages social media sharing, essentially providing free marketing. The interactive design elements, including walls arts & graphics, added an extra layer of fun to the atmosphere and interactive experience, the overall Interior design makes dining at OPPA restaurant a truly unique experiences.

Adding to its appeal, OPPA has been shortlisted for an Interior Design award in the UK. This recognition not only elevating its prestige but also spreads awareness of its exceptional ambiance and culinary offerings especially for those seeking a memorable dining experience in Malaysia.

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By investing in thoughtful and visually appealing design, businesses across the Asia Pacific region can attract new customers, create memorable experience, and ultimately boost their ROI.



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